Couscous Lines
Capacities ranging from 600 to 2.400 kg/h - over 40 lines installed worldwide

Thanks to our patented process technologies, developed and perfected over 15 years of activity, you can optimize each and every raw material to obtain couscous of the highest quality. The exclusive forming unit (Rouleuse) allows you to choose the required shape and grain size of the couscous, the powerful steam cooker allows you to treat each grain in a thorough and uniform manner, the optimized drying diagram allows you to obtain a consolidated technological process which ensures the best cooking performance of the end product. The operational flexibility and simplicity of our lines have always been our strength. We also provide support to our customers with unmatched commitment through dedicated after-sales assistance, training courses and a research and development laboratory which studies and develops new products.  

Place your trust in us: we have been manufacturing couscous lines for over 15 years. Who can give you more experience than us?

Dough-mixing and forming unit

For elevated Couscous quality

Pre-mixing technique never reached before
Imitated by many, matched by none

Our centrifugal Premix® machine guarantees the perfect hydration of the raw materials. Each particle of semolina or flour is hydrated on the surface with a veil of water which will penetrate the grain uniformly, completing the hydration phase. It is suitable for all particle sizes. The transit time is fast without compromising the raw materials. It is user-friendly and easy to clean.

Adjustable and efficient formation
To obtain the exact required grain size

The dough-mixing unit together with the innovative forming unit called a Rouleuse can be easily adapted by using interchangeable meshes, making it possible to optimize the formation of the desired grain size in a simple manner.

Our figures


0 kg/h

Our largest capacity Couscous line



The number of couscous lines installed by the most important producers in North Africa and Europe over the past 15 years


0 mm.

The size of the "medium" couscous produced with optimal shape, color and quality provided at nominal capacity.



Incomparable cooking and drying processes

Providing a truly unmatched end product

Incredibly uniform cooking
Each grain is cooked with the same intensity

Through the application of a steam injection system both above and below the product, an unprecedented cooking process is guaranteed: thorough and homogeneous. The conveyor belt has high permeability and easy to clean qualities.

Versatile and efficient drying
Exclusive technologies providing unique results

The innovative latest generation rotary drum dryer allows rapid and efficient drying. The product dries easily, requiring an amount of energy which is directly proportional to the mass of product that evaporates uniformly.


For more information on the CC technology, you can view the data sheet by clicking on: Read more


What makes our processes so special

Our technologies, developed and continually improved over 80 years of activity, allow you to achieve the expected result with the raw materials at your disposal

Efficient forming system

Our Premix combined with a Rouleuse, with differentiated mesh sizes, guarantees the formation of couscous of elevated performance at the desired particle sizes.

High efficiency cooker

Our cooking system guarantees a comprehensive treatment of the product and it takes the time required to provide couscous of the highest quality.

Romet dryer

A very high temperature rotary drum dryer together with a "plug fan" ventilation system and central shaft drive optimize reliability and minimize maintenance costs.

Cooling and final selection

We use a fluid bed cooler and a plansifter selection system to classify the best couscous and manage product returns with simplicity and efficiency.


Quality without compromise

The quality of the product obtained with our technologies is undisputed, recognized worldwide by the most prestigious pasta factories on the planet.

Energy savings

In the field of food production, pasta is one of the most sustainable foods with a relatively low environmental impact. It is even more so with the Fava production plants that have always adopted solutions aimed at reducing energy waste and consumption without interfering with or compromising on either the quality of the finished product or technological flexibility of the process.

For example: our mixing technologies have very low energy absorption, our drying technologies do not require the use of steam and costs associated with it and our ventilation columns are optimized to treat multiple layers of pasta with a single cooling fan.


Management and Control System

Manage your system with the Fava ATS Supervisor: its simplicity makes it a pleasure to use


Its user-friendliness and its extreme precision in the process control make our ATS (Accurate Tracking System) supervision system very likeable and appreciated by all users. Through an advanced tracking system of the production batches, an accurate traceability check can be provided directly to the producer’s quality control system.

The most demanding users will find all the information related to the process and production history of the batch integrated in the system’s functions.


An intuitive graphic system will guide you in the pleasant operation of the process through clear and immediate commands and controls

Product tracking

The traceability of the batches in the ATS system is completely guaranteed. The details of the production orders provided give the operator and the management control system a clear overview of the process data

Online help and multilingual support

Help is always available, in the operator’s language, for each function allowing a quick and thorough explanation of the various commands and parameters


The system is designed to provide real-time and historical data available to MES (Manufacturing Execution System) information systems or management control systems in compliance with the requirements of Industry 4.0

In addition to our lines, we offer

A series of exclusive advantages related to our systems as caring for our customers has never been more important
T.C.O. - Total Cost of Ownership

This is what matters to your investment

A pasta plant is a long-term investment and the purchase price is just one of the cost components. We will be happy to show you why a FAVA line will allow you to compete better on the market.

Reduced maintenance

Thanks to project optimization

Simple maintenance interventions and reasonable spare parts costs radically improve the return on your investment.


To reduce assembly schedules

The lines have a specially designed configuration that favors very rapid mechanical assembly times. Many machine parts are pre-assembled in the workshop to ensure the best result.

Efficient After-Sales Service

Always ready to support you

We have 56 specialized technicians who carry out assembly interventions, commissioning tests, technical assistance and training on our lines all over the world. We can also provide preventive maintenance services for our production lines to maximize efficiency and performance.

Operational flexibility

Thanks to a no compromise policy on our technology

Our production lines can operate with any type of raw material always producing a product of the highest quality in terms of appearance and cooking resistance.

Easy to use

Carefree pasta production

Fava lines have always been renowned for its user-friendly equipment, appreciated by pasta makers all over the world. Technological operation, maintenance, user interface: functions designed to achieve maximum results simply and with maximum OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)


A selection of photos of our Cous Cous lines

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