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STORCI S.p.A. was founded in 1991 with the very purpose of giving the pasta factory world a specialized service in the sectors of dry and fresh pasta, supplying high quality and innovative spare parts, machines and plants.

The experience of Anzio Storci, company promoter and present Chairman, is the ground for STORCI's heritage of specific knowledge, hardly attainable in this sector. The company's philosophy is based on this experience and on the founder's figure, of which we give a brief account below.

Anzio Storci started working in the 1949 at Barilla, as a maintenance apprentice. During the next 30 years he became the engineering department manager and personally attended the realization of the plants and production lines for the new factory in Pedrignano, work which remains unique, still today, after 25 years from its realization, and which has started a revolution in this sector, with automatic production lines with over 5000 kg/h output and high temperature drying cycles.

After leaving Barilla, while managing the multinational Grace, he founded, together with other five technicians from Barilla, the firm which, after a few years, would be named "Parmasei" of which Anzio Storci has been pasta sector manager for 12 years.

This particular experience, first as user and then as manufacturer, has allowed STORCI to reach the present position on the market and become a point of reference in the pasta world.

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