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This Cento-based Company, among the world's leading companies for the production of pasta equipment, was founded in 1937 by Augusto Fava, who designed and patented the first machines capable of drying the product in continuous, making way for the introduction of automation in the pasta-making industry.

Research and innovation, led to the development of high temperature technology in 1970 under the guidance of Augusto's son Enrico, the new head of the company. These ideals continue even now to play a fundamental role in the company's strategy for satisfying its customers' demands in a constantly evolving market.
Industrial mentality, passion for work and love of family have been the driving forces for three generations, which have accompanied the company in reaching important goals.

It is in 1995, at a time when the technology and business activities of the company are rapidly evolving, that Fava buys 50% of Storci, located in Collecchio, a specialized company in the press mixer field and from this synergetic partnership a new range of machines is generated, the largest and most innovative on the market, so much so that the most powerful pasta-drying lines in the world are created, gaining the trust and respect of the most important pasta producers.



40% of the pasta production lines installed all over the world are manufactured by FAVA S.p.A.


0 million €

2021’s turnover almost reached 100 million euro

Mission and Quality Policy

Enable our clients to achieve the success they deserve

Design and construction of state-of-the-art pasta production lines as well as providing, in years to come, qualified technical and technological assistance in order to fully satisfy the client, operating efficiently, reducing costs and improving the overall image of the company.

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Global Market

Nearly every country in the world has our lines installed
Presence of Fava pasta lines in the countries of the world


Since 1996, Fava has installed its lines in over 70 countries.

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90% of Fava lines are exported.

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85% of the lines installed in Italy are manufactured by FAVA.


Fava manufactures an average of 28 lines per year.

Global Market Share

Since 1996, Fava has installed its lines in over 70 countries

698 projects manufactured from 1996 to 2022


The projects are distributed over the following geographical regions:
258 projects in Africa & Middle East;
222 projects in Europe;
94 projects in Asia & Oceania;
72 projects in Central & South America;
52 projects in U.S. & Canada.

Sales distribution by geografic region from 1996 to 2022

global market share graph

Headquarters & Manufacturing Facility


0 m2

25.0000 m2 of which are roofted. The facility has been gradually expanded over the years due to the increase in production demands. Today, it has all production departments.



Number of employees in our company, characterized by an extremely low staff turnover.

Design and Manufacturing

Modern technology cutting-edge techniques and devices

Devoting our best resources and energy to research and innovation, including the reorganization of the production processes to make them ever more streamlined and efficient: this is what lies behind the wide range of products and technological solutions of high quality standards that have always distinguished our company.

Fava S.p.A. has made the reliability and innovative quality of its products its strong points, developing technological solutions capable of satisfying new requirements.

Research & Development

Constant commitment to technical and technological innovation is in our DNA

Innovation is the core value of our company which has been writing the history of pasta with you for over 80 years now. Today, through new technologies like IOT and AI, we connect with pasta plants, markets and people that guide us in the analysis and choice of solutions. The ever-increasing integration with our customers helps us to better understand their needs, requirements and to find and develop innovative solutions that are increasingly targeted and appreciated. Our R&D center closely collaborates with a number of universities allowing us to elaborate on all scientific topics necessary to properly understand various phenomena and manage them. Find out more


Always ready to serve our clients

A pasta production line is a major long-term investment.
For this reason, Fava has established an after-sales service that has a team of skilled employees, who are close to our clients, ready to intervene and trouble-shoot any problem that may arise. Find out more


We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified

Our company is certified in compliance with this new cross-functional standard, aimed at satisfying customer and all interested parties’ requirements, by means of a risk and opportunity analysis, in order to guarantee business continuity and maximize company efficiency.

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