TCM E.CO.SYSTEM Technology

Applied to short goods lines up to 6000 kg/h

TCM E.CO.SYSTEM Functional diagram

The TCM E.CO.SYSTEM drying line was created to meet the needs of high capacity lines to be installed in very limited spaces in terms of length, by exploiting the height of the factories. It represents a compact solution with a high technological content to guarantee maximum operational flexibility. The single-body dryer integrates the predrying, drying and stabilization phases.

The TCM E.CO.SYSTEM dryer is combined with a press, which has a dough mixing system that can be one of the following: Total Vacuum, Stabilization Belt or Traditional Mixer, a 3-tier shaker predryer and a single-tier belt cooler. The constructive and technological characteristics of this line allow to obtain ideal drying diagrams for each and every raw material used.

The 3-tier shaker exploits an oscillation system that ensures that the product is shook continually, to avoid it from sticking, and that there is an efficient air flow. The shaker is equipped with multiple coils which create optimal temperatures to prepare the pasta for the next drying phase. The sides of the vibratory trays are sealed with special teflon diaphragms to keep small-sized shapes in position despite high pressure ventilation.

The TCM E.CO.SYSTEM dryer, thanks to a high efficiency ventilation system with ducted fans, is equipped with a high speed air predryer in the upper tiers. This section is physically separated from the lower drying and stabilization section to maintain independent thermohygrometric conditions. In the lower part of the machine, the ventilation is designed in such a way that the final drying and stabilization phases ensure a perfectly stable product adequately prepared for the next cooling phase.

The qualifying element of the TCM is the slotted metallic belt, a patented and unique system, which guarantees elevated performance levels.
The uniqueness of this belt lies in the fact that the air, which flows through the large number of slots in the belts, crosses the pasta uniformly ensuring a very efficient product treatment. In fact, the air flows through the product uniformly across the width of the belt to ensure that each and every pasta shape is treated in the same way. The air porosity of the slotted belts combined with the high load capacity per square meter provide high production capacities in limited spaces, while the construction and technological features of this dryer allow you to obtain optimal drying diagrams for each of the raw materials used.

The final cooling phase is done in a single-tier belt cooler. The air, cooled either naturally or by cold water coils, flows through the product according to a maximum efficiency principle, ensuring a balanced and efficient cooling of the pasta that is subsequently conveyed to the storage section in optimal condition, ready for packaging.

The innovative electronic supervision system is intuitive and easy to use and ensures that you can run the line and all the production cycle phases in a flexible and reliable manner. It integrates perfectly with the pasta factory control system to guarantee the exchange of all process data necessary for production control and product traceability.

TCM E.CO.SYSTEM dimensions

These are the dimensions of the short-cut pasta lines based on E.CO.SYSTEM technolgy
Table for short goods line based on production capacity
Capacity Kg/h Press Line Composition W1 mm W2 mm H1 mm H2 mm H3 mm L mm
750 FA.ST. 160.1-400 TMU 8,5 + TCM E.CO.SYSTEM 7,1/9 + RMN 2/1 3200 3560 6200 6250 4773 21250
1000 FA.ST. 160.1-460 TMU 11 + TCM E.CO.SYSTEM 9,6/9 + RMN-F 2/1-1 4390 3560 6200 6245 4773 21150
1500 FA.ST. 200.1-520 TMU 13 + TCM E.CO.SYSTEM 10,9/11 + RMN-F 3/1-1 4960 3560 6880 7035 7035 27900
2000 FA.ST. 210.1-600 TMU 15 + TCM E.CO.SYSTEM 14,6/11 + RMN-F 3/1-1 4690 3540 7200 7100 5593 32200
2500 FA.ST. 225.1-670 TMU 19 + TCM E.CO.SYSTEM 17,1/11 + RMN-F 4/1-1 6295 4014 9450 8465 6943 34850
3000 FA.ST. 245.1-670 TMU 19 + TCM-L  E.CO.SYSTEM 14,6/13 + RMN-F 4/1-1 6295 4010 9450 8465 6943 34850
4000 FA.ST. 210.2-600 TMU 26,5 + TCM-L E.CO.SYSTEM 18,4/13 + RMN_L-F 4/1-1 5950 4014 9350 8480 6963 38300
4500 FA.ST. 210.2-600 TMU 26,5 + TCM-L E.CO.SYSTEM 20,9/13 + RMN_L-F 5/1-1 5900 4014 9333 8575 6963 42454
5000 FA.ST. 225.2-670 TMD 19 + TCM-L E.CO.SYSTEM 23,4/13 + RMN_L-F 5/1-1 5800 4014 9450 8575 6963 46100
6000 FA.ST. 245.2-670 TMD 19 + TCM-L E.CO.SYSTEM 23,4/15 + RMN_L-F 6/1-1 6500 4014 9950 9370 7703 47400

Indicative drying data

TCM E.CO.SYSTEM drying graph

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