January 1937
From an original idea of the founder, Augusto Fava, the first continuous short goods dryer was created:
the "Trabatto" (shaker pre-dryer).

This particular event marked the beginning of the company Fava's dryer manufacturing activity.
February 1940
When dryers were made of wood: the continuous short goods dryer, called the "Rotante", (rotary drum) was designed and manufactured.
July 1951
A new long goods production technique is experimented: the line has been called the "GPL" and it stands out for its mechanical and technological characteristics.
April 1953
The "GM", the production line for specialty shape pasta on trays, well-known for its originality and efficiency.
March 1956
The "Teless" dryer was introduced, the only dryer in the world to move belts with small diameter rollers without the use of chains.
November 1972
The "GPL/ATR", with its high temperature drying technology, represents to date the most important technological innovation in pasta production.
August 1980
For the production of short goods pasta, a new patented slotted belt chain system is applied.

It's the "TCM" with which any drying diagram can be achieved.
May 1989
The "ITRG" drying line joins the ranks, putting into practice all the most important findings on long goods pasta treatment.
June 1992
The "Romet su albero" (rotary drum on shaft) is created, a dryer which is particularly suitable for the initial treatment of small and medium sized shapes even at very high temperatures.
October 1995
And now it's FAVA S.p.A.: from this precise moment in time, the company FAVA proposes entire plants dicectly to pasta factories all over the world, carrying its own commercial brand.
September 1996
The "FA.ST" press produces its first pasta, equipped with the revolutionary "Premix" dough system.
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