Company profile
Company profile
This Cento-based Company, among the world's leading companies for the production of pasta equipment, was founded in 1937 by Augusto Fava, who designed and patented the first machines capable of drying the product in continuous, uninterrupted process, making way for the introduction and subsequent promotion of automation in the pasta-making industry.

Research and innovation, which have always represented the spirit of the company, led to the development of high temperature technology in 1970 under the guidance of Augusto's son Enrico, the new head of the Company. These ideals continue even now to play a fundamental role in the Company's strategy for satisfying its customers' demands in a constantly evolving market.

Industrial know-how, enthusiasm for the work and love of family have been the driving force for three generations, which has accompanied this Company in reaching important goals. It is in 1995, at a time when the technology and business activities of the Company are rapidly evolving, that Fava buys 50% of Storci of Collecchio, a specialized company in the sector of presses.

From this time on, Fava will construct the largest and most innovative presses seen to date, thus creating the most powerful pasta-drying lines in the world and gaining the trust and respect of companies in the sector the world over.
The company is certified ISO 9001 Vision 2000 and the main purpose is:

design and construction of state-of-the-art pasta production lines as well as providing, in years to come, qualified technical assistance and technology in order to fully satisfy the Customer, operating efficiently, reducing costs and improving the overall image of the Company.

ISO 9001 Vision 2015
Devoting our best resources and energies to research and innovation, including the reorganization of the production processes to make them ever more streamlined and efficient: this is what lies behind the wide range of products and technological solutions of high quality standards that have always distinguished our Company.

Fava S.p.A. has made the reliability and innovative quality of its products its strong point, developing technological solutions able to satisfy any new demands.
Design and Production
As regards the design and development of their products, the Fava team employs tools such as CAD 3D systems, codes of structural, fluid-dynamics and technical numerical analysis.

To optimize the performances of both products and service, FAVA constantly operates with the methods for advanced production (Lean Thinking), assuring top performance in terms of flexibility and efficiency of the Company processes, while maintaining a constant level of high quality.
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